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Using Your Ventra Card

In an effort to allow flexibility and convenience we will be adding transit election dollars to the Benefit Express Debit MasterCard. The Benefits Debit MasterCard gives easy access to ALL reimbursement accounts, all combined into one card.

The following are highlights of the Debit MasterCard:

If you are currently enrolled in the Flexible Spending Account Program you should already be familiar with the Benefits Express Debit MasterCard. To provide you with more flexibility your Transit plan will be linked to this same card.

If this is the first time enrolling in the transit program please be advised that Benefit Express will not provide a Ventra card, nor will they set up or service Ventra accounts. All employees must enroll in the Transit program via the Benefit Express portal at loyolaexpress.com. This website can be accessed directly on or off campus. Benefit Express will send you a debit MasterCard that will be loaded with your transit dollars, so please be on the lookout for a plain white envelope with your Benefits Card inside. As soon as you receive your Benefits Debit MasterCard, please activate the card as soon as possible. If you cannot locate your Benefit Express debit MasterCard please contact Benefit Express immediately so that another card can be re-issued.

Since Benefit Express won’t have access to your Ventra card, we encourage employees to log on to their Ventra accounts and keep track of their balances and usages on a regular basis. Benefit Express will not be able to troubleshoot issues regarding the Ventra card as they have with the CTA cards in the past. Employees need to make sure that they are keeping track of their Ventra limits and usage via the Ventra website. Employees can keep track of payroll deductions loaded to their Debit MasterCards via the loyolaexpress.com website. Employees can continue to use their current Ventra Cards. Log in to the Ventra site and replace current form of payment with the Benefit Express Debit MasterCard. Ventra will pull transit dollars from employees' accounts to fund Ventra cards every month. Employees also have the option of using their Debit MasterCards at any Ventra or Metra kiosk or payment center.

Website Changes

The value that employees currently have elected will be reflected for all future months. If you wish to speak to Benefit Express about transit changes, please contact Nancy Mueller at 847.637.1594 or nmueller@mybenefitexpress.com.

Please take time to read over our Frequently Asked Questions attachment.

Ventra FAQ's

The cut-off date to change your election(s) online at LoyolaExpress.com is the 14th of each month. Changes made to current transit elections before the 14th this month will affect payroll deductions for the following month. Employees will receive their new transit loads the month after. It takes 6–8 weeks for transit changes, enrollments, or terminations.

Leaving The University

If ending employment with the University, please contact Benefit Express directly to cancel transit. Since employees pay a month in advance for transit, payments for future months will need to be cancelled. Employees' Debit Cards will be deactivated upon termination. Therefore, employees need to submit a transit claim form directly to Benefit Express after leaving the University.

For details about the new Ventra Program please visit their website at http://www.transitchicago.com/ventra/.

For our transit policy visit http://www.luc.edu/hr/electivebenefits/transitbenefit/.