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Long-Term Care Insurance

All full-time faculty, staff, and part-time regular employees scheduled to work twenty (20) or more hours per week are eligible to enroll in Long Term Care Insurance.
  • New hires have 90 days from their date of hire to apply with Simplified Underwriting. This is a one-time offer and will not be offered on an annual basis. If employees apply for coverage after 90 days, they will need to complete full medical underwriting
  • Spouses, parents, grandparents, parents-in-law, and grandparents-in-law are also eligible to participate in Loyola’s Long Term Care insurance at group rates. If employees choose to enroll parents or grandparents, or those of a spouse, the enrollment form is mailed directly to LifeSecure
Long Term Care is a voluntary option provided through LifeSecure. Long term care is the type of help people may need when they are not able to perform some activities of daily living (ADLs) by themselves due to an illness, disability, or severe cognitive impairment (such as Alzheimer’s) or similar irreversible dementia.
  • Please see the LUC Benefits Booklet, located in the Resources section (upper right), for additional information

How to Enroll

To *enroll in LifeSecure's Group Long-Term Care Insurance plan, employees must visit the website, where they can find premiums and review rates. Employees can download the proper forms to complete and mail to LifeSecure; their mailing address is located on the forms.
*Employees will not be able to enroll online. Please follow these basic steps:
  • To enroll in the Loyola University Long-Term Care Insurance plan, please call the dedicated enrollment line at 855.568.6236.To apply online or run quotes, please follow the instructions below:
    • Go to www.YourLifeSecure.com
    • Under "login" in the top right corner, select "Worksites & Associations"
    • Enter the Loyola University Chicago group number: 01508V
Employees will not receive payroll deductions; payments will be made directly to LifeSecure.
Vendor Contacts
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