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Human Resources

Employee Exit Process

Terminations/Open Positions

Things to do as the employee is leaving:

Make sure:

  • all Loyola property is returned
  • computer files are in order and accessible
  • any expense accounts items are cleared
  • on going or impending projects have been re-assigned
  • the employee has an Exit Interview with an HR Representative.

Things to do when the employee has left:

  • Re-route the phone to someone who will be able to handle the calls
  • If the person's e-mail address has been used for incoming business, work with HR and IT to allow future access or an auto-message referring the person to a new address.
  • This might be a good time to develop an e-mail box that is under the process or project's name rather than under an employee's name. An example is the tuition benefits forms being sent to HR-Tuition@luc.edu.