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AlwaysVision SM

The AlwaysVision plan is a voluntary benefit that provides comprehensive eye-care benefits when you visit participating providers for services. This plan allows you to obtain eye care with the service provider of your choice and includes Loyola University Health System (LUHS) Ophthalmologists. The chart below describes the plan.

Vision Exam Benefit: Each member is entitled to a comprehensive Vision Exam. An eye exam co-pay applies and is outlined in the grid below.

Vision Materials Benefit: Each member may purchase eyewear in the form of an eyeglass frame and lenses or contact lenses with this plan. Purchases are subject to benefit frequencies and co-pays. Contact lenses may be purchased in lieu of frames and eyeglass lenses. Plan features include:

BenefitLoyola OphthalmologistsOther Participating ProvidersOut of Network
Exam (every 12 months) $20 co-pay $10 co-pay Up to $45
Materials $15 co-pay $15 co-pay See Below
Standard Plastic Lenses      
(every 12 months)      
Single Covered by co-pay Covered by co-pay Up to $35
Bifocal Covered by co-pay Covered by co-pay Up to $58
Trifocal Covered by co-pay Covered by co-pay Up to $75
Lenticular $80 allowance $80 allowance Up to $50
Progressive $50 allowance $50 allowance Up to $40
Lens Options      
Scratch resistance coating N/A N/A N/A
Polycarbonate Lenses for Children N/A N/A N/A
Frames N/A N/A N/A
(every 24 months)
Members choose from any frame at provider locations
Up to $150 retail allowance $150 retail frame—covers a wide selection of frames. ($94 retail frame at Wal-Mart & Sam's Club) Up to $50
Contact Lenses      
(every 12 months)      
(includes, fit, follow-up and materials)      
Elective Up to $150 retail Up to $150 retail Up to $125 Retail
Medically Necessary Up to $210 retail Up to $210 retail Up to $125 retail

Selection of Providers

Members may access providers in our nationwide PPO network of 22,000 providers in over 18,000 locations. Options include access to Loyola's Department of Ophthalmology for Well Eye Exams and Contact Lenses, independent Optometrists, plus regional and national retail chains (Pearle Vision, Target, Sears, JC Penney and Eyemasters). Members may choose different providers for vision exam and materials purchases. Out-of-network benefits are available, but members receive the best value in-network.

You may visit www.AlwaysVision.com or call 888.729.5433, Ext. 2013 for a list of participating providers. Most participating providers (excluding Wal-Mart) offer discounts on items purchased after using the insurance benefit.

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