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The Damen Student Center features dining facilities: Damen Dining Hall and the Damen Food Court.

Damen Dining Hall

The Damen Dining Hall offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Damen Dining offers traditional all-you-can-eat dining. A variety of homestyle, ethnic, and vegetarian food make Damen Dining an integral part of your on-campus dining experience. Damen Dining's summer hours of operation can be found by visiting our July Dining Hours.  To learn more about Damen Residential Dining options, visit the Damen Dining Hall.

Damen Food Court

The Damen Food Court, located on the first floor of the Damen Student Center, features four food concepts including Bleeker Street Cafe, Zoca, Burger Studio, and Topio's. The majority of the food offered in the Damen Food Court is prepared using locally sourced produce and materials. The Burger Studio and Bleeker Street are the only restaurants open during the summer 2016. For the most up to date hours for the Damen Food Court and to learn more about these dining options, visit the Damen Food Court.

Damen Student Center Market

Open in 2014, the Damen Student Center Market replaces the South Side Market that originally was located in the Simpson Learning Center (southside of campus). The market offers everyday goods and services that students need to get through their day to day. Groceries, toiletries, and odds-and-ends are featured in this space. 

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