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CTA U-Pass


Spring U-Pass Information

As winter break approaches, please be aware that you can continue to use your Ventra U-Pass when school is not in session, but you will need to load separate funds on it because your unlimited riding privileges are only available when school is in session. Please see the chart for when the U-Pass portion will turn-off and turn-on.

Program/ School

U-Pass turn off *

Spring 2014 turn on*

Undergrad and graduate students

December 17, 2013

January 13, 2014


December 20, 2013

January 21, 2014

Graduate Business

December 15, 2013

January 13, 2013

 *All turn off times are 11:59 pm the day listed. All turn on times are 2:01am the day listed.

-Your Ventra U-Pass unlimited riding privilege automatically resumes when your next full-time term begins. Your transit account must be in good standing prior to your next qualifying term for U-Pass. This means that all negative balances must be brought to $0.00 before the U-Pass portion operates.

 -You can continue to use the same U-Pass card when school is out of session. During those periods, your U-Pass card will function just like a normal Ventra Card.  However, you must add funds to your account and your U-Pass functions regular Ventra Card instead of receiving the U-Pass unlimited riding privileges over Holiday break. You will be charged full fares for your rides of $2.25 for rail and $2 for bus during school breaks. This practice replaces the need to use a separate fare card when school is not in session.

-The U-Pass portion will automatically turn on as long as you are registered in an eligible program as a full-time student by January 8.* .

-If your U-Pass is lost or stolen over Holiday break, you will need to replace it in  the Spring 2014 term at the normal $50.00 replacement cost. The card is valid for five years from the date of issuance and a new card is no longer issued every term.

-You can replace your U-Pass over the Holiday Break at the Damen Student Center Information Desk  at the Lake Shore Campus. You will not be able to order a replacement U-Pass at the Water Tower Campus over Holiday Break, December 18-January 12.

*Full-time hours are as follows.  12 credit hours as an undergraduate, 8 graduate credit hours as a graduate, and 6 Graduate Business Hours in the Quinlan School of Business Graduate (MBA) programs. Graduates must be enrolled in graduate hours to qualify, undergraduate hours, even those required by a certain program or school, do not count toward U-Pass eligibility.  Please see FAQ for eligible programs.

Updated U-Pass News

We appreciate all of the patience that the Loyola University Chicago student community has exhibited regarding the U-pass program and the transition to CTA's Ventra card system. We understand that at times this has not been an easy transition for some of our students, and we value this patience. There have been a couple of important details that have emerged since we have distributed the U-Passes that we think all users should be aware of:

CTA  announces new Ventra U-Pass

CTA announced a new Ventra U-Pass starting in Fall 2013. Some of the new features include:

More information will be posted on this website and be available at fall distribution.

*If a pass is lost, stolen, or damaged at any time during the 5-year period, there is a $50.00 replacement fee.

** Pace is not part of the U-Pass discount. Students pay the full fare on all PACE bus routes.

U-Pass Information

The CTA U-Pass is your ticket to unlimited riding aboard CTA buses and trains. It offers all full time undergraduates and graduate students enrolled in participating programs unlimited use and an unparalleled opportunity to take advantage of everything Chicago has to offer. No cash is needed. It's your connection to shopping, sports events, social activities, art and entertainment centers, and anything else that grabs your attention.

Note: Summer U-Pass on-site distribution for Quinlan Graduate School of Business students has ended. Students who wish to pick up their pass can visit the Graduate School of Business' main office located on the 2nd Floor of the Quinlan School of Business (Water Tower Campus).

The following students' passes will be located at the Damen Student Center Information Desk (Lake Shore Campus):

The following graduate students' passes will be located at the Terry Student Center Information Desk, 2nd Floor (Water Tower Campus):


Qualificiations and Enrollment

Generally all undergraduates with 12 or more credit hours. A more complete list is listed on the FAQs page. All eligible students are automatically enrolled and charged a non-refundable fee.

How It Works

On the bus: Touch your Ventra card to the Ventra reader. If you leave it in your wallet or purse, then you could be charged a fare if you have debit / credit cards with a Wi-Fi symbol on them.

On the train:Touch your Ventra card to the Ventra reader at the turnstyle and wait for the Go light. Do not touch it multple times or leave it in your wallet or purse since you could be charged a full fare if you have debit / credit cards with a Wi-Fi symbol. 

For more information, see the CTA U-Pass page.

Rules and Conditions

Please see our FAQs page for more information.

Contact Information

Students are encouraged to contact the Loyola U-Pass Coordinator. Students may also contact the Damen Student Center Information Desk at 773.508.8770 for more information. For Water Tower Campus U-Pass distribution questions, you may contact the Terry Student Center Information Desk at 312-915-6642.

Students are also encouraged to contact U-Pass at cta-upass@transitchicago.com or call 1-888-YOUR-CTA.

Chicago Transit Authority
567 W Lake Street, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL  60661

For more information about the Chicago Transit Authority, visit CTA's website.



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