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Achieving College Excellence

Student Success Resources

This page lists resources to help students get the most of their time as a college student: whether it's guidance on selecting classes to balance CORE and major requirements; getting information on how to be a better student (improving note-taking, test-taking, writing skills); or students looking to take advantage of some of the unique college experiences, such as an alternative break trip or undergraduate research.


Within Loyola:

ACE Advising 1-on-1 Academic Advising, Master’s Mentor, or ACE Coach: meetings available with ACE staff.  To request Academic Advising, use WCOnline and select "ACE Advising Appointment Calendar: in the dropdown menu.
Academic Advising and Support Services Lots of information about stress busters, study strategies, time management, test taking, reading, and note-taking.
Alternative Break Immersions Alternative Break Immersions are short trips over Winter, Spring, or early in the Summer break periods where students can serve and be immersed in communities locally and abroad to better understand the social justice mission of Loyola
CAS: College of Arts and Sciences Information about major and minor degree requirements for the degrees through this college at Loyola
Career Development Center Starting your first day as a Loyola student, helps students and alumni find internships and jobs, determine what career path interests you, career fairs, and resume assistance, among other services.  Lots of resources to explore, including job guides and sample resumes.
Understanding CORE Requirements What the CORE requirements are, and which specific knowledge areas are waived depending on your specific major.  Lots of information to explore to understand what it takes to fulfill your graduation requirements.
International Programs Information on studying abroad in over 55 countries (including financial assistance), in one of Loyola’s flagship programs in Rome, Vietnam, and Beijing, or J-term or summer programs.
LUROP: Loyola Undergrad Research Opportunities Program Explains why research experience as an undergraduate is so important for graduate school and job searches, how to get involved in research, and sometimes get paid for it.  Application deadlines vary by program.
Off-Campus Student Life An office dedicated to meeting the unique needs of Loyola students who commute to campus, whether they live at home with their family or in an apartment nearby campus.  They sponsor many programs to help these students get better connected with each other and Loyola University Chicago.
Services for Students with Disabilities Serves students with disabilities by creating an accessible learning environment and educating the campus community.
STARS Mentors (Students Together Are Reaching Success) Small group mentoring for helping first-year students adjust to Loyola University Chicago and college life, particularly to assist students of color and first-generation students, make the transition to college
Study Abroad PPT Click here to download a PowerPoint Presentation made by both ACE staff and Office of International Programs Staff about how to finance a study abroad experience!
Time Management TipsTime Management Tips Time Management Tips: Some time management tips for students to improve how they spend their time.
Blank Schedule Time Management - a blank schedule that a student can use to track how they spend their time.
Wellness Center Information and assistance on all topics related to mental or physical health from sexual assault support to managing allergies.  Can be especially helpful for managing anxiety and stress as related to being a student.
Writing Center An on-campus resource where students can meet with peer tutors for assistance in brainstorming, organizing, and drafting academic assignments




Beyond Loyola:

Education Quest- Transitioning to College A non-profit organization dedicated to providing information and resources for helping students be successful in college.  Information specifically on making the transition from high school to college, including advice on how to study, how to select a major that fits you well, and how to avoid excessive debt in school.
Hints on How to Succeed A condensed two-page guide with basic information on how to manage your time, studying in general, preparing for exams, presenting college level homework and writing assignments.  A great resource for incoming students!
Learning Styles Survey Online survey to gain awareness about how you best learn, so that you can utilize that approach in your studying
Did I Plagiarize? A flowchart that guides students through a series of yes/no questions to find out if they may have inappropriately used another individual's work as their own, which is plagiarism.  Addresses proper citations in writing, the importance of using original ideas in writing, not using your own work for two different courses without citing yourself.
Can I Use That Picture A flowchart that guides students through a series of yes/no questions to find out if they are within the guidelines for copy right, fair use, and public domain to have permission to use a picture.
What can I do with this major? Information for students who are considering various majors.  Especially useful with academic advising for first- and second-year students who are exploring their interests and preparing to declare their major.
WrightsLaw informational resources for students with disabilities about transitioning to college, succeeding in college, and planning for after college








Achieving College Excellence
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