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Financial Literacy Resources

These are resources for students and their parents to have a better understanding of seeing money and loans as a tool to manage through daily budgeting and saving. 


Within Loyola:

AccessReady Website that partnered with Loyola University Chicago to educate students and families about the different types of financial aid, student loan borrowing and deciding the best repayment plan, as well as broader budgeting and money management advice
Money Matters: Financial Literacy Program Online and in-person tutorials about financial literacy topics to provide personal finance education to Loyola students
Student Finance from A to Z Information compiled by Loyola University Chicago’s Graduate School about student loans, repayment plans, borrowing on a budget, and further financial literacy resources


Beyond Loyola:

4 Mistakes I Made with my Student Loans, and How You Can Avoid Them An honest blog entry posted by the U.S. Department of Education that every student can learn from about how to better manage student loan debt
Better Money Habits A partnership between Khan Academy and Bank of America, this website has many very easily understandable videos about understanding credit, saving, and budgeting.  A great resource to break down complex financial literacy topics and provide practical advice.
Gen Y Planning: Financial Planning for my Generation As this award-winning site describes “money doesn’t have to be scary or serious all the time.  Money can be about joy, security, and confidence.  Let me help you change the way you see your finances.  Forever.”  If you don’t want to regularly check this site for updated information, you can sign up for the free newsletter.
Great Advice for Grads From a nonprofit which "focuses on arming students with the knowledge they need to make better financial choices, now and in the future," this is a collection of 1-2 page articles about how to manage student loan debt and common borrower mistakes
Money Under 30 An informative, up-to-date reference on all matters relating to money management.  Of note, if you search for “student loan” there are many articles specifically about how to most effectively pay off your student loan debt.  Also, you can sign-up for free emails from them providing practical advice on how to earn and save more.
Smart About Money: 40 Money Management Tips Every College Student Should Know  A 32-page PDF created by the National Endowment for Financial Education that provides advice specifically about managing your money while in college, with sections on setting a budget, checking accounts, financial aid, jobs, residence hall vs apartment, cutting expenses, credit, debt, saving and investing money.  Many worksheets and opportunities for students to fill in your specific expenses, needs, and financial goals.
SponsorChange.org A website that connects skill-based volunteers to non-profits and helps to reward their service with student loan pay raised from sponsors; helping those who give back, pay back


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