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Welcome to the Loyola University Chicago Institute of Pastoral Studies Student Formation site.  On this site you will have access to formation opportunities constructed around your personal growth goals, and/or recommended by your advisor or professors. Included here you will find an array of activities retreats/workshops, facilitation/personal growth resources, such as, counseling, spiritual direction and spiritual companioning, with the necessary assessment and evaluation tools to be completed annually by IPS students along with their academic advisor as an aide in tracking their progress.

What is Formation?

The personal and spiritual formation program at IPS is an ongoing process. The goal of the program is to continuously incorporate what is already available to the students in terms of personal and spiritual growth opportunities with additional innovative resources. The development and implementation of this program is a collaborative effort between the students and faculty to ensure that the program addresses the needs of the students and correlates with what they are learning. It is intended to assist the students in converting what they are learning in their classes into a collective whole life experience, helping them to understand how what they are learning fits into their everyday life. “The program shall provide opportunities through which the student may grow in personal faith, emotional maturity, moral integrity (including personal, professional, and ethical standards), and public witness” (ATS Standard B.2.4). The program will help the students to assess their personal and spiritual growth by setting and achieving personal goals, which include their human qualities, their prayer practices, and their pastoral abilities.

What does this mean for the IPS Students?

The formation program will become an essential requirement for the overall preparation of IPS students as future and/or continuing lay leaders in their respective religious communities.

Each student will be required to formulate goals focusing on the Academic, Pastoral, Spiritual and Human growth they hope to achieve in each area during the academic year.

These goals will be presented and collaborated with the student’s advisor and or program director at the beginning of the academic year, at midterm (after the Fall  Semester or at the beginning of the Spring Semester) and at the end of the academic year along with a written annual student self-evaluation.

Retreats and other formation opportunities will be posted to this and other websites to help students to meet their annual formation goals and requirements. So students are encouraged to refer to this website often.

Financial Assistance is available, for more information see Contact below.

As the formation program is ever evolving it is further recommended that students visit this website frequently for future developments.


Carol Taliaferro
IPS Formation Coordinator

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