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Toner Purchases - Know All the Facts

Loyola Users should be advised that all toners are not created equal. There have been instances where toner is available through Amazon at a much lower price than that offered by our Pre-Qualified Supplier, Warehouse Direct. Amazon Toners in many cases are compatible to HP Toners – what does this mean? Compatible toners can be used in HP printers, but in many cases, are remanufactured toners. In some instances they use recycled cartridges that are simply filled with ink – the parts (drum, wiper blade, and mag roller) within the cartridge may or may not have been replaced. HP Toner is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) product that meets all specifications of the printer it is intended to be used in.

OEM Toner has the following characteristics that compatible, recycled, less expensive toner, may not have;

Cost savings are certainly important, but quality and value added services are critical attributes to consider when making toner purchases.


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