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Faculty Services:

Student Resources: Asking your students to register for a Writing Center account early in the semester encourages them to seek immediate writing assistance. At the end of their WC tutoring appointment, they can request that a tutor session report be sent to their instructor, thus informing you of their visit. The Loyola OWL can be a helpful resource to you in answering your students' essay, ESL, and other professional writing questions. 

Classroom Visits: Contact Assistant Director Lydia Craig at lcraig1@luc.edu to set up a Writing Center presentation. A writing tutor can visit your classroom to introduce WC services to your students in a brief presentation that usually takes 10-15 mins. 

Classroom Workshops: Contact Assistant Director Lydia Craig at lcraig1@luc.edu to schedule a writing workshop for your students. We will tailor the session to meet your needs within a time frame of 20 minutes to an entire class period depending on your specifications. Popular topics range from presentations on a particular citation style, to how to plan, structure, or write an essay, to how to create a career portfolio, etc. 

Note: When scheduling either a classroom visit or a classroom workshop, attach your syllabus and any relevant assignment sheets or other documents to the email to streamline the process and mention a few times and dates that would be convenient for the classroom workshop. Please also mention your class name, number, and the room in which it meets. 

Writing Assistance for Faculty or Staff:  Contact Associate Director Grace Stevens at gstevens2@luc.edu for advanced writing assistance. If your work needs a “second pair of eyes” for proofing or reader feedback, our graduate tutors are available for that service. We also have a graduate-level professional writing page on the Loyola OWL to support conference presentation and publication activities. 

Note: In your email please mention the requirements and timetable of your project.