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We at the LUC Writing Center want to guide you towards becoming a better writer so that you can clearly communicate your most important opinions and careful research in a thoughtful, thorough manner, starting from your memory, class and reading notes, and discussion with peers to the written page of a completed essay. All writers, from student beginners to published professionals, can benefit from having other writers read and respond to their papers, case reports, articles, dissertations, and other work. Having someone look over your CV, graduate, medical, or law school application can provide you with the analysis needed to improve how you showcase academic and professional accomplishments.

Our undergraduate and graduate tutors from all disciplinary backgrounds will assist you at every stage of the writing process, helping you to understand prompts, conduct research, brainstorm, outline and draft your essay, and even format a Works Cited page or annotated bibliography. We believe that the best way to improve your skills as a writer is to discuss the "global" issues with your paper before addressing "minor" issues such as grammar and punctuation. Instead of "correcting" papers and handing them back to you, we choose to collaborate with you as a writer. Tailored to suit your individual project and academic needs, this one-on-one approach will greatly benefit your ongoing development as a researcher and writer.