Loyola University Chicago

Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Dance Minor


The dance minor at Loyola provides a holistic approach to dance and give students a framework for the development of aesthetic literacy. Our Foundations courses provide skills and vocabulary for theatrical practice as well as anatomical and alignment practices for dance.  Applied courses instruct student in thorough and rigorous practice of classical dance vocabulary and skills. Synthesis courses require students to integrate all aspects of dance study. Dance minors also have numerous performance opportunities.



Please attend the dance minor orientation on the first Friday of classes during fall semester at 4:30 pm in 
    the Fine Arts Annex Studio 2nd floor.

Please enroll in the dance minor on LOCUS.


Dance Minor Program (18 Course Hours)

12 hrs Studio Courses required, 4 hours of which must be 300 level or above:

Course Number Title Credits
DANC 111 Ballet Dance I 2
DANC 212 Ballet Dance II 2
DANC 213 Ballet III  
DANC 311 Ballet Dance IV 2
DANC 313 Ballet V 1
DANC 312 Ballet Dance IV 2
DANC 314 Pointwork II 1
DANC 121 Moden Dance I 2
DANC 222 Modern Dance II 2
DANC 321 Modern Dance III 2
DANC 131 Jazz Dance I 2
DANC 232 Jazz Dance II 2
DANC 331 Jazz Dance III 2


Plus 6 hours of Foundation Courses, 3 hours of which must be DANCE; selected from 

Course Number Title Credits
DANC 250 Classical Dance History: Ren. to Present 3
DANC 270 Dance Kinesiology 3
DANC 350 Dance Pedagogy 3
DANC 370 Dance Composition 3
DANC 395 Independent Study variable
DANC 397 Internship in Dance variable
MUSC Any Class 3



At the 300 course level and above, all minors are required to perform in the bi-annual Dance Informances. In addition, dance minors will have the opportunity to perform in mainstage productions as well as the dance composition showcase. Our dance concert repertory will focus on masterpieces of both classical ballet and modern dance as well original work set by expert choreographers. Click here for more information on performance opportunities.