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The WISER (Women in Science Enabling Research) program was designed in 1993 to provide undergraduate women at Loyola University Chicago with an introduction to laboratory research, and to create a community of scientists through which undergraduate women could be mentored and encouraged toward careers in the sciences. Students are welcome to participate in and attend lectures, panel discussions, and workshops organized by WISER. Undergraduate students are also invited to apply to the Laura L. Mayer Summer Internship Program as a means of gaining laboratory experience.


In 1994 the US Bureau of Census reported that women constituted only 22% of the United States labor force employed in science and engineering. Similarly, a 1995 conference sponsored by the National Science Foundation identified problems retaining women in the sciences at the university level. Well over ten years later, the statistics remain similar, with few women entering many fields within academic sciences, and even fewer advancing to the position of Full Professor at universities, or as Principal Investigators within business and industry. In an effort to provide and support undergraduate women potentially interested in a career in the sciences, the WISER program provides mentoring, builds community, and gives women tools to explore careers in science and research.

Eligibility for the Laura L. Mayer Summer Internship Program

Undergraduate students currently holding Freshman, Sophomore or Junior status at Loyola University Chicago, regardless of the amount of experience conducting scientific research, are welcome to apply. However, this program is designed for and strongly prefers students not seeking to attend medical, dental, or veterinary school.

  1. Click here‌ for faculty proposals and read all projects available to students for the upcoming summer
  2. Begin to assemble the information needed to complete the application. For instance, students will be asked to select their top two choices for faculty projects. In addition, they will be asked to submit a document that answers the following questions:

    1. Write a brief (one paragraph) autobiography.
    2. Which two faculty projects are most appealing to you? Why?
    3. Have you conducted research in a lab before? If so, briefly explain the project.
    4. What are your greatest strengths as a student?
    5. What are your greatest weaknesses as a student?
    6. If you have already declared a major, tell us what your major is and why you chose it. If you have not yet declared a major, tell us which fields you are considering and what factors could play a role in your final decision.
    7. If you could beam yourself into the future, what do you see your career and/or life being like 10 years from now?
    8. Is there any additional information about yourself that you would like us to consider?
  3. Go to http://luc.edu/lurop/luropfellowshipappinfo/ to complete the online application for the WISER Summer Internship

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