Loyola University Chicago

Gannon Center for Women and Leadership

Faculty Fellows

To encourage research on women and their contributions to every sector of society and to promote scholarship, the Gannon Center for Women and Leadership is pleased to sponsor the Faculty Fellowship Program for tenure-track professors at Loyola University Chicago. Funded by the Gannon Center's endowment, up to two fellows will be appointed annually and the Gannon Center will fund their teaching replacements. (The Fellowship does not include release from the faculty member's other departmental or college duties. Faculty applying for the program should negotiate these duties with his/her Chair and/or Dean.) Special considerations will be given to the study of women and leadership.

The Fellowship Program is designed to support:

  • Original research on women and leadership
  • Research using the resources of the Women and Leadership Archives
  • Research which will advance the mission of the Gannon Center

The Faculty Fellows Program is not a traditional "leave of absence" where faculty work on only independent projects, but rather provides opportunities for active engagement in the Gannon Center to enrich their research, move a research project to publication, and includes the possibility of interdisciplinary collaboration. This Fellowship is meant to significantly enhance the professional development of the faculty.

Fellows will meet twice during the semester with the Gannon Center staff to share progress on their research. At the end of the semester, or the first part of the following semester, fellows will formally present their research and reflect on its relevancy to the academy and to instructional excellence.

Preference will ordinarily be given to those who have not previously received a Fellowship.

Faculty Fellows

  • Twyla Blackmond Larnell, PhD (2016)
  • Anne Reilly, PhD (2016)
  • Dina Berger, PhD (2015)
  • Sandi Tenfelde, PhD (2015)
  • Dawn Harris, PhD (2014)
  • Michelle Nickerson, PhD (2014)
  • Robyn Mallett, PhD (2013)
  • John Dugan, PhD (2010)
  • Prue Moylan, PhD (2009)
  • Ann Shanahan, MFA (2009)
  • Anne Leggett McDonald, PhD (2008)
  • Bren Ortega Murphy, PhD (2008)
  • Marcia Hermansen, PhD (2007)
  • Harveen Mann, PhD (2007)
  • Anne Grauer, PhD (2006)
  • Tracy Pintchman, PhD (2006)
  • Micael Clarke, PhD (2005)
  • Kathleen Adams, PhD (2004)
  • Janet Nolan, PhD (2004)
  • Kevin Henson, PhD (2003)
  • Suzanne Kaufman, PhD (2002)
  • Prue Moylan, PhD (2002)
  • Fran Belmonte, PhD (2001)
  • Patricia Simpson, PhD (2001)
  • Deni Heyck, PhD (2000)
  • Susan Rosenbaum, PhD (2000)