Loyola University Chicago

Department of Philosophy

Phd Graduate's Recent Job Placements

From 2011–2015, twenty-three PhD students have completed their degrees and graduated. Of those, a small number have chosen non-academic careers (theater, community organizing, chaplaincy, business) and the rest have academic careers.

Marcella Linn, 2017

Instructor (Temporary), Loyola University Chicago

Ndidi Nwaneri, 2017

Non-Academic, Public Speaker, Nigeria

Giancarlo Tarantino, 2017

Instructor (Temporary), Arrupe College

Asaf Bar-Tura, 2016

Non-Academic, Executive Director, SMART

Thomas Bretz, 2016

Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Utah Valley University

Andrew Kondrat, 2016

Non-Academic, Clinical Ethicist, Cedars-Sinai

Aaron Crowe, 2015

Instructor (Permanent), University College of the North

Russell Newstadt, 2015

Lecturer (Temporary), Oakton Community College

Merritt Rehn-Debraal, 2015

Lecturer (Temporary), Texas A&M University

Mark Bourgeois, 2014

Fellowship/Postdoc, Notre Dame University

Kristina Grob, 2014

Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, University of South Carolina-Sumter

Bryan Kibbe, 2014

Non-Academic, Clinical Ethicist, Well Star Health System

Maria Kulp, 2014

Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Gonzaga University

Maggie Labinski, 2014

Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Fairfield University

Matthew Butcher, 2013

Non-Academic, Director of Clinical Ethics, Revolv

Matthew Kelsey, 2013

Instructor (Temporary), Arizona State University

Gisele Velarde La Rosa, 2013

Lecturer (Temporary), Loyola University Chicago

Alberto Bertozzi, 2012

FT Instructor,  Loyola University Chicago

Christina Drogalis, 2012

Philosophy Core Instructor, Stanford Online High School

Justin Marquis, 2012

Instructor (Temporary), American University

Blaine Swen, 2012

Non-academic, Program Director, The Improvised Shakespeare Company

Timothy Weidel, 2012

Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Gonzaga University

Stacy Bautista, 2011

Non-Academic, Midwest Workers Association

Brian Buckley, 2011

Lecturer (Temporary), Santa Clara University

Mark Chakoian, 2011

Non-Academic, Columbia College-Chicago

Jeffrey Courtright, 2011

Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Mississippi University for Women

Peter Hudis, 2011

Other (Permanent), Oakton Community College

Edyta Imai, 2011

Adjunct (Temporary), Saint Xavier University

Kyle Thomsen, 2011

Assistant Professor, Tenure-track, St. Francis University

Gregory Wolcott, 2011

Instructor (Permanent), Loyola University Chicago