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  • Congratulations 2018 PhD graduates!

    These are two of the recent PhD graduates from the May Commencement ceremony. Above: Dr. Daniele Manni with supervisor Dr. Mark Waymack and Dr. Sean Petranovich with supervisor Dr. Hanne Jacobs
  • Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

    This public conference, sponsored by the Loyola philosophy department, will feature the work of 31 of our standout Chicago-area undergraduate students, who are all currently hard at work (with the help of their grad student mentors) fine-tuning their presentations on various topics from Aquinas to Zygote modification--and everything in between!
  • “To Improve The Quality Of Instruction In Philosophy At All Levels” - A Workshop presented by The American Association of Philosophy Teachers (AAPT)

    Participants will read some of the best literature regarding how learning happens, how to design maximally effective courses, and how to improve classroom practice.
  • Philosophy professor presents at Educational Justice conference

    How students see themselves can directly impact their academic success. Your self-esteem and confidence are influenced by your own self-image or what Assistant Philosophy Professor Pamela Lomelino calls “imaging-as.”