Loyola University Chicago

Mathematics and Statistics

BS in Mathematics and Computer Science

The B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science provides students with a strong foundation in both fields. Core courses from the Mathematics and Computer Science curricula will aid students to develop critical thinking and communication skills, as well as a technical and practical understanding of programming and algorithm design. Graduating students will be prepared for any industry jobs requiring scientific computing skills and the ability to analyze, design, and implement algorithms, such as data mining, finance, and risk analysis. This major also prepares students for advanced degrees in computer science, mathematics, and the STEM fields.


AP Credit Policies

Math Requirements

Computer Science Requirements

  • Introduction to Computing: COMP 1501
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming & Data Structures: COMP 271
  • One of the following two courses:
    • COMP 170: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
    • Math 215: Object-Oriented Mathematical Programming
  • Introduction to Computer Systems: COMP 264
  • One of the following two courses:
    • COMP 313: Intermediate Object-Oriented Programming
    • COMP 363: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    • COMP 376: Formal Languages and Automata
    One of the following six courses:
  • Any two 300-level, 3-credit courses in Computer Science. Courses may be found here.

1COMP 150 may be replaced by a COMP 300-level classroom elective if MATH 215/COMP 215 is taken.