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The Catholic Q&A Program offers students an opportunity to learn more about the Catholic faith through faculty presentations and discussion held at Loyola University Chicago. The questions are drawn from student interest and the presenters represent some of the University’s—and the wider community's—most engaging speakers.


Business & Faith: Does Ethics Sell? A Discussion about Morality and the Marketplace

Business & Faith

Thursday, February 21, 2019, 7:00-9:00 PM
Information Commons, 4th Floor
Lake Shore Campus

Featuring Fr. Frank LaRocca, SJ, Assistant Dean and Clinical Assistant Professor of Management, Quinlan Business School.

Students only. All students are welcome.

About the Event

After initially claiming that it was not their 'business' to be ethically responsible, corporations seem to be striving to uphold ethical and moral values. Where huge private equity firms and hedge funds used to hold increasing profits as their main focus, via outsourcing, layoffs, and sweatshops, there seems to be a growing trend toward R&D, upholding a strong firm reputation, and the future of the company and community.

Is this to be taken as a sign that corporate America is becoming increasingly humane, or rather appropriating moral credibility instead of earning it? Join in the conversation with a specialist in business ethics and international business, Fr. Frank LaRocca.

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