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Congratulations to Our Graduating Seniors!

Congratulations to Our Graduating Seniors!

The 2017 Anthropology Student Celebration, held on April 28, was bigger and better than ever, featuring dozens of student research posters, awards for outstanding graduating seniors, and plenty of merriment, as department faculty, staff, and students were joined by friends and family to recognize the impressive work and accomplishments of the last year.


This year's Chardin Award, presented to the most outstanding graduates in Anthropology, went to Emma Hall and Amanda Sorensen.

The Buechel Award, recognizing substantial work on social justice issues alongside an excellent academic record, was given to Judith Kyrkos.

As the outstanding graduate in the Anthropology-Sociology joint BA program, Margaret Meagher was presented with the Durkheim Award.

In the awards for each subfield of Anthropology, David Hanley was named outstanding graduate in Archaeology.


The award for outstanding accomplishments in Cultural Anthropology was given to Nicole Claudio and Hannah Scott.

In Linguistic Anthropology, Sofia Ballicora was recognized as the outstanding graduate.

Congratulations and best wishes to all of our award winners and graduating seniors!