Loyola University Chicago

Department of Theology

Undergraduate Degree Programs

If you want to continue your studies of Theology beyond the core requirements, the Theology Department has five different programs from which to choose—Major in Theology, Major in Religious Studies, Minor in Theology, Minor in Religious Studies, and the Pastoral Leadership Minor.

The Major in Theology and the Major in Religious Studies will provide you with the opportunity to examine in both breadth and depth either the Christian theological tradition or the contemporary field of religious studies. The major is declared by application to the Director of Undergraduate Programs and consists of 36 hours (12 three-credit courses). A minimum of five courses at the 300-level is required. Students are encouraged but not required to take up to two courses outside the department with prior approval for the theological studies track and three for the religious studies track. Theology majors receive faculty advising to facilitate their progress through the major.

The Minor in Theological Studies and Religious Studies require six courses: any three courses from the four core level areas of doctrine, Scripture, life and practice, and religious traditions; and three electives from 300-level courses. Each student's program is individually tailored to his/her plans in consultation with the Director of Minors.

Contact Us

Interested in one of these Majors or Minors? Contact Dr. Thomas Wetzel (twetzel@luc.edu), the Theology Department's Undergraduate Program Director, or Marianne Wolfe (mwolfe5@luc.edu), the Department's Office Coordinator.