Loyola University Chicago

Department of Theology

Master's Degree Programs

The MA degree program is appropriate for students seeking either a terminal degree or a degree that will prepare them to pursue a doctoral degree. Applicants can be admitted to the program on a part-time basis. Many courses are conveniently scheduled during evening hours.

Degree Requirements

  • Full-time students usually complete the program in two years.
  • All MA students must pass a four-hour comprehensive examination. No thesis is required.
  • MA students may currently choose between the following concentrations.

Biblical Studies

The Biblical Studies concentration consists of thirty semester hours, including:

  • At least five courses in Biblical Studies
  • One course in Systematic/Historical Theology
  • One course in Christian Ethics
  • Three elective courses

Biblical Languages and Literature

The concentration in Biblical Languages and Literature consists of thirty-six semester hours, including:

  • At least four courses in Biblical Studies, two of which must be Old Testament courses and two of which must be New Testament courses
  • One course in Systematic/Historical Theology
  • One course in Christian Ethics
  • Four courses in a major biblical language (Hebrew or Greek)
  • Two courses in a minor biblical language (Hebrew or Greek)

Christian Ethics

The concentration in Christian ethics requires students to do half (fifteen hours) of their course work in this subfield. Normally, students also take:

  • Two courses from the field of Systematic/Historical Theology
  • Two courses in the area of Biblical Studies (one in Old Testament and one in New Testament)
  • One elective

Theological Studies

This thirty-hour concentration emphasizes exposure to the full range of theological investigation. Students pursuing this specialization normally complete two courses in each of the following areas:

  • Biblical Studies (one course in Old Testament and one in New Testament)
  • Systematic/Historical Theology
  • Christian Ethics

The remaining four graduate courses are often chosen from other offerings in theology.

New M.A. in Theology with Minor in Education

Beginning in fall 2012, students seeking an MA in any of the Theology Programs—a) Biblical Studies; b) Biblical Languages and Literatures; c) Christian Ethics; or d) Theological Studies—can add the following four courses from the School of Education to their program:

  • CIEP 414: Instructional Methods for Diverse Populations
  • CIEP 423: Advanced Reading/Writing in the Content Areas
  • CIEP 425: Classroom Assessment
  • CIEP 458: Classroom Management

For those students who choose this option, the Theology Department will recognize two of these four required School of Education courses as fulfilling two electives in the MA program. The other two School of Education courses are added to the student’s program.

The program for students choosing the Minor in Education with a Master of Biblical Studies, Christian Ethics, or Theological Studies will be composed of twelve courses instead of ten (the ten required by the regular Master's program, and the two remaining courses from the School of Education).

NOTE:** Since the Master in Biblical Languages and Literatures has no electives and is already twelve courses, those students who choose to add the Minor in Education will add all four courses to their program.

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