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Department of Political Science

Graduate Program

The Department of Political Science offers graduate courses leading to the Master of Arts (MA) in Political Science with specializations in American Politics, Global Politics, or Political Theory; and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science with a specialization in Global Politics, which includes the two core areas of Comparative Politics and International Relations and the four elective areas of Comparative Social Policy, Foreign Policy Analysis, Global Governance, and Political Development. In cooperation with Loyola’s School of Law, the Department also offers a dual MA/JD degree. Undergraduate majors in the Department are eligible to apply for the five-year BA/MA program. The Department's goal is to offer students a personalized education within a distinctive graduate program.

The Department of Political Science offers graduate courses in a number of fields and subfields. Most classes are conducted in a seminar form. Specific attention is given to the individual needs of the students. All graduate classes are conducted by full-time members of the department. In addition to directed reading and research studies conducted for individual students, the following field and subfield areas are covered:

American Politics includes courses in The Executive Branch, The Legislative Branch, Constitutional Politics, Judicial Process and Public Law, Political Parties and Elections, Public Policy-Making, Intergovernmental Relations.

Global Politics includes courses in Comparative Political Systems, Politics of the Developing Areas, European Politics, Theories of International Politics, International Political Economy, US Foreign Policy, and International Law.

Political Theory includes courses in Ancient Political Thought, Medieval Political Thought, Modern Political Thought, 19th Century Political Thought, Contemporary Political Thought, American Political Thought, Socialism, Liberalism, Political Ethics.

For further information, please contact Professor Peter M. Sanchez, Graduate Program Director at psanche@luc.edu or 773.508.8658.

Degree Programs and Requirements:

Requirements for Specialized Programs: