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Study Polish Fall 2016

Study Polish Spring 2016

Polish Language Courses Spring 2016

 Study Polish Summer/Fall 2015‌‌

Study Polish Summer 2015

Study Polish Spring/Summer 2015 ‌

 Study Polish Summer/Fall 2014

Study Polish Spring 2014

 Study Polish Fall 2013

 Study Polish Spring 2013

 Study Polish Spring 2012


HIST 300C History of European Nationalism
HIST 317   The Age of Absolutism and Enlightenment
HIST 318   History of Poland
HIST 325A Eastern Europe, 1920-Present
HIST 325B History of European Communism
HIST 326   The Second World War
HIST 327   Contemporary Europe, 1945 to the Present
HIST 341   Soviet Union: Rise and Fall

‌‌Tadeusz Rozewicz                                Wislawa Szymborska


LITR 221 Polish Authors
LITR 280 International Masterpieces: Polish Masterpieces (variable topics course)
LITR 281 International Novel: Polish Novel (variable topics course)
LITR 282 International Drama: Polish Drama (variable topics course)
LITR 284 International Film: Polish Film (variable topics course)


POLS 101 Polish I: Elementary Polish Language Course
POLS 102 Polish II: Basic Polish Language Course
POLS 103 Polish III: Intermediate Polish Language Course
POLS 104 Polish IV: Intermediate Polish Language Course
POLS 250 Polish Composition and Conversation I
POLS 251 Polish Composition and Conversation II


PLST 395 Polish Studies Capstone *


PLSC 347 The European Union
PLSC 349 Eastern European Politics

* Required Courses