Loyola University Chicago

Department of Philosophy

Minor in Philosophy

Why should I consider a philosophy minor?

In every major area of study there are questions about values or methodology that philosophy can explore. So, philosophy can deepen your understanding of your major field of study. In addition, philosophy trains a person to think rigorously about fundamental questions—to express ideas clearly and logically—to understand and evaluate conflicting points of view—to reason in a careful way. These intellectual skills are useful in almost any career. And of course, like every minor, philosophy is an area of knowledge that has its own intrinsic value. The Philosophy Department offers three minors in philosophy:

Requirements for a Minor in Philosophy

All minors must take at least six courses in philosophy, at least two of these being 300-level courses.

Each student's minor program must include:

  • One lower-level philosophy course from the ethics group (181, 182, 283, 284, 285, 286, 287, 288 or 289)
  • One lower-level philosophy course from the metaphysics/epistemology group (271, 272, 273, 274, 275, 276, 277 or 279)
  • Two elective philosophy courses at any level (e.g., another core course from either Tier 1 or Tier 2, or a 300-level course)
  • Two elective philosophy courses at the 300-level.

You can design a program to fit your own needs. If you plan a law career, for example, you would likely want to emphasize areas like reasoning, evidence and political theory. Academic counselors can help you design a program. What follows are some suggested sequences for students preparing for careers in law, business, medicine, or religion. Of course, the general requirements stated above must be incorporated in these suggested sequences.

Suggested Minor Sequence in Pre-Law

  • Ethics (181)
  • Logic (274)
  • Social Political Philosophy (182)
  • Theory of Knowledge (275 or 330)
  • One from among Philosophy of Law (323), Political Philosophy (326 or 327), or Marxism (375)
  • One additional 300-level course

Suggested Minor Sequence in Pre-Business

  • Ethics (181) or Social Political Philosophy (182)
  • Logic (274) or Knowledge (275)
  • Business Ethics (285)
  • One from among: Philosophy of Law (323), Social Political Philosophy (321, 326 or 327), or Marxism (375)
  • One additional 300-level course

Suggested Minor Sequence in Pre-Health

  • Ethics (181)
  • Social Political Philosophy (182)
  • Philosophy of Science (273 or 381)
  • Medical Ethics (284)
  • Two 300-level electives. Recommended electives include Ethics & Society (321), Philosophy of Medicine (369) or Philosophy of Religion (380).

Suggested Minor Sequence in Religion

  • Ethics (181)
  • Philosophy of Religion (271)
  • Medieval Philosophy (305) or St. Thomas Aquinas (340)
  • Topics in Philosophy of Religion (380)
  • One additional 300-level course. Suggested courses include Issues in Human Nature (310) and Problems in the Philosophy of God (312).

Academic Advising

Students pursuing a minor in philosophy are encouraged to plan their selection of courses with the Philosophy Undergraduate Director, or with their designated advisor, or with a member of the Philosophy Undergraduate Majors and Minors Committee each semester prior to registration.