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Institute of Pastoral Studies

Financial Aid

Loyola's Institute of Pastoral Studies (IPS) offers a number of opportunities for financial assistance. Eligible students must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program and meet normal admission standards.

Generous awards are available and every effort is made to make our program affordable. Last year alone, we awarded over $640,000.00 in financial assistance to our students.

Any financial assistance a student receives from IPS is one part of a larger financial aid package arranged through the Office of Student Financial Assistance. Students must work with the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) and the Office of the Bursar to coordinate the financing of their IPS education. Click HERE for a graduate student financial aid checklist.

For a list of IPS tuition and fees, please visit the Bursar Website.

To be given full consideration for IPS scholarship and grant awards, applicants must submit a completed IPS application and all supporting materials.

IPS has a limited amount of merit scholarships funded by endowments. These awards are available to give to deserving students in recognition of exceptional promise as demonstrated by a record of outstanding achievement in previous leadership initiatives and academic work. Merit awards cover a portion of for-credit tuition for the duration of the academic year in a degree program at IPS. Exact amounts will be determined by the IPS Scholarship Committee.

Priority consideration will be given to applications received by:

  • Current students: March 6
  • New students admitted to the summer and fall terms: July 10
  • New students admitted to the spring term: December 1

Because these funds are awarded on a limited basis, we encourage students to apply for other forms of financial assistance including the IPS Need-Based Grant, the Sponsored Matching Grant, and other outside sources of funding.

Click here for the Merit_Based_Scholarship_Application.

IPS Need-Based Grants are financial awards given to students by the University in recognition of financial need. Grant dollars are applied to the tuition costs of students for course work which meet the requirements of IPS degree programs, and do not include zero credit hour courses, workshops, IPS audits and/or fees. The award is $200.00 per credit hour and will be applied to each for-credit course that is taken towards the degree for the duration of time at IPS, but is dependent upon remaining a student in good standing and maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or better in each semester of the enrollment for all of the courses that apply to IPS degree.

To be given full consideration for an IPS Need-Based Grant, applicants must submit a completed application and all supporting materials. Applications are accepted and awards will be made on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Click here for the IPS the Need_Based_Grant_Application.

The IPS Sponsored Matching Grant assists students actively involved in professional ministry or with a not-for-profit organization. Forms must be submitted 1 month prior to the semester for which they are applied.

If a parish, school, hospital, diocese or some other sponsoring agency is willing to pay a portion of a student’s tuition, Loyola University will match that amount (but not more than 1/2 of the 1, 2 or 3 credit hour per course tuition). These grants apply to tuition only, and do not cover zero credit courses, fees, books, supplies, IPS audits, etc. If the total would exceed 100% of the tuition (only) in any given semester this grant may not be used in conjunction with other non-loan tuition programs, including the IPS Need-Based Grant. Payments must be made from the agency directly to LUC in order for the funds to be matched, and the only acceptable method of payment is via check.

Click here for the IPS Sponsored_Matching_Grant_Application.

The Institute of Pastoral Studies, in conjunction with Loyola University Chicago, funds six students in student work assistance positions. Students are awarded $3,000 annually for two semester of work. Students are expected to work eight hours per week for two 14-week semesters. The type of service is determined on an individual basis, but is intended to meet the needs of the IPS office and to help the student in professional growth. These positions are awarded at the beginning of each fall and are good for the full academic year.

Students must apply by March 1. Students are required to send the Student_Worker_Application_Form, a resume demonstrating previous office experience, a cover letter outlining their qualifications and financial needs to Coordinator of Student Services for IPS.


Campus Ministry's graduate assistantship is a program for Loyola graduate students who are exploring a call to ecclesial ministry. While examining this call in the context of a university community, GAs work toward proficiency in the skills necessary to answer the call, namely pastoral leadership, pastoral care and program management. GAs commit to a minimum of twenty five hours per week. The assistantship begins on or near August 1. GA’s have one-year agreements while most students renew for second year in order to complete their master’s degree.

To see the list of openings go to LUC.edu/studentdevelopment/assistantships/positions/.


Visit the Student Development website for more details regarding Graduate Assistantships.

Contact the Director of Campus Ministry, Lisa Reiter, at lreiter1@luc.edu or 773.274.3000 with questions.

There are several options for financing your IPS education through non-IPS financial assistance. The options listed below, while often times extremely generous, will exclude a student from IPS-based scholarships, grants and the graduate student worker positions.

  • Mission Grants

    Mission Grants require the student to pay 1/3 of the tuition cost and only cover courses taken for credit. Mission Grants support the mission and values of Loyola University and Archdiocese of Chicago. For more information check Mission Grant Policy
    • Award Amount

      Students pay one-third of their tuition; a sponsoring agency pays another third; and Loyola pays the remaining third.
    • Requirements

      Eligible students include members of religious orders working in developing countries; international Jesuits; faculty, staff, and administrators employed by one of Loyola's sister schools. Recipients of Mission Grants forfeit their eligibility to receive other University-funded scholarships, assistantships, or grants.
    • Apply

      For application information, contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance.
  • Archdiocese of Chicago Lay Ecclesial Ministry Program

    IPS participates fully with the Archdiocese of Chicago's Lay Ecclesial Ministry Formation Program. Students who anticipate working for the Archdiocese of Chicago upon completion of their degree program are encouraged to contact the Archdiocese of Chicago's Lay Ministry Formation Office.

    Award Amount
    Students pay one-third of their tuition; the Archdiocese of Chicago pays another third; and Loyola pays the remaining third.
    Additional funds may be available for students who are admitted to the Archdiocesan Lay Ecclesial Formation program who are working to foster lay ecclesial ministry among members of African-American, Asian, Polish, and Hispanic communities.

    Student must be admitted to the Archdiocesan Lay Ecclesial Formation program.

    To apply, visit the Archdiocesan Lay Ecclesial Ministry Program website.
    Archdiocese of Chicago Critical Needs Scholarship
    The Archdiocese of Chicago has funds available for its employees who are working to address the critical needs of the Archdiocese.

    Award Amount
    Students pay one-third of their tuition; the Archdiocese of Chicago pays another third; and Loyola pays the remaining third.

    Visit the Archdiocesan Lay Ecclesial Ministry Critical Needs overview page.

    To apply, visit the Archdiocesan Lay Ecclesial Ministry Critical Needs application page.
  • Diversity Scholarships


    Any former member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps or Jesuit Volunteer International who is interested in learning more about JVC MAGIS (and corresponding scholarship opportunities) at Loyola University Chicago can visit this page for more information.
  • Army ROTC Scholarships

    The Army ROTC scholarships (2 year) are available to Christian Chaplains that are getting their masters in Pastoral Studies and would become a Chaplains in the Army.

    For more information please contact Djimitri Francois at armyrotc@luc.eduor 773.508.2852.