Loyola University Chicago

German Studies Minor


The German Studies Minor consists of 19 credit hours (six three-credit courses + a one-credit capstone) broken down as follows:

Required Courses (13 credit hours)

  • GERM 103 Intermediate German I
  • GERM 104 Intermediate German II
  • German Studies Capstone (offered as needed)

Electives: Students choose four courses from the following. In order to qualify as an elective, a course must have at least one-third of its content devoted to German cultural history.

  • COMM 260 Film History: New German Cinema (offered every two or three years)
  • GERM 250 Conversation and Composition I (offered every fall semester)
  • GERM 251 Conversation and Composition II (offered every spring semester)
  • HIST 290 Medieval Culture (offered every other year)
  • HIST 300B Barbarians and the Fall of the Roman Empire (offered every other or third year)
  • HIST 300C Poland and Germany (offered every other or third year)
  • HIST 300C Empire and Orientalism in Germany and Russia (offered every other or third year)
  • HIST 300C: Topics in European History (post-1700) (offered every other or third year)
  • HIST 311 Medieval World, 1100–1500 (offered every year)
  • HIST 321 Europe in the Nineteenth Century, 1815–1900(offered every other year)
  • HIST 325 Europe in the 20th Century, 1900–1945 (offered every other year)
  • HIST 326 The Second World War (offered every other or third year)
  • HIST 327 Contemporary Europe, 1945 to the Present(offered every other or third year)
  • HIST377 Nazi Revolution (offered every other or third year)
  • PHIL 306 19th Century Philosophy (offered every other year)
  • PHIL 309 Classical Modern Philosophy (offered annually)
  • PHIL 360 Contemporary European Philosophy (offered annually)
  • PHIL 375 Philosophy of Marxism (offered irregularly)
  • PLSC 308 Contemporary Political Thought (offered every other semester)
  • SOCL 205 Social Theory (offered every semester)
  • THEO 281 Christianity through Time (offered annually)
  • THEO 319 Reformation Theology (offered irregularly)