Loyola University Chicago

Coordinated Community Response Team

Be an Active Bystander

Learn how intervening early can help prevent sexual violence.

Violence is not tolerated at Loyola University Chicago. Coordinated Community Response Team's (CCRT) Mission Statement:

Loyola University Chicago’s CCRT brings together students, staff and faculty to create a campus culture where gender-based violence of any kind, specifically domestic/dating violence, sexual misconduct and stalking is not tolerated. Through our commitment to education, training, increased accessibility to services, and promotion of accountability and justice – our diverse campus community is safer and more supportive of survivors.


  • Through CCRT member departments, promote initiatives to increase the Loyola community’s knowledge of and ability to respond to gender-based violence.
  • Commit to campus-wide educational programs & outreach activities around gender-based violence and active bystander education.
  • Challenge societal myths around gender-based violence on campus.
  • Streamline and publicize gender-based violence policies and protocols on campus.