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Department of Sociology


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What Is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of the various ways that people interact and organize themselves...in nations and families, cities and tribes, in factories, churches, schools and gangs. The subject matter is the world around us. A sociologist might study the work life of waitresses, the role of men in raising children, white-collar crime, poverty and injustice, how and why people oppose nuclear power, the way rumors spread or why the birth rate in the United States is declining. The perspective gained from sociology teaches us to look in a different way at the world we often take for granted. Introducing students to sociology as a social science, the department seeks to develop a critical understanding of the ways in which people relate to each other through the organization of society and the ways in which social structures influence our lives.

Department History/Overview

Undergraduate and Graduate students entering Loyola University Chicago's Department of Sociology become part of a distinguished program with a long history of teaching, research, and service to the community begun in 1914. With eighteen full time active sociologists our department supports both an active research agenda and a teaching program that grants personal attention to our students, small class sizes, and faculty student collaborations. Our expanding number of undergraduate majors is complimented by over eighty full and part-time graduate students working toward advanced degrees in a program which has a continuing commitment to quality teaching, a plurality of methodological and theoretical styles, and the application of sociological analysis to community problems.

Degree Offerings

The department offers an undergraduate BA degree in sociology. We also offer a five-year combined BA/MA in sociology for selected sociology majors. In addition to offering undergraduate courses, the department maintains an active internship program that provides students with experience in community-based research and/or service.

The department also has an excellent graduate program offering the MA and PhD degrees in sociology. While our particular areas of focus in the graduate program are: 1) urban society and social policy; 2) religion, culture, and knowledge, our faculty’s diverse research interests extend to many other areas, including globalization, mass media, poverty and technology to name a few. In addition, there are opportunities to work with our Center on Urban Research and Learning (CURL), conducting community based studies throughout the city of Chicago.

Fall 2017 Course Offerings:

101-001 Society in a Global Age Maas Weigert, Kathleen MWF 08:15AM 09:05AM
101-002 Society in a Global Age Begicevic, Alma MWF 09:20AM 10:10AM
101-003 Society in a Global Age Everitt, Judson TTh 08:30AM 09:45AM
101-004 Society in a Global Age Williams, Matthew TTh 10:00AM 11:15AM
101-005 Society in a Global Age Everitt, Judson TTh 11:30AM 12:45PM
101-006 Society in a Global Age Langman, Lauren TTh 01:00PM 02:15PM
101-007 Society in a Global Age Williams, Matthew TTh 02:30PM 03:45PM
101-008 Society in a Global Age Wedam, Elfriede MWF 10:25AM 11:15AM
101-009 Society in a Global Age Martel Cohen, Elise MWF 11:30AM 12:20PM
101-010 Society in a Global Age Martel Cohen, Elise MWF 01:40PM 02:30PM
101-011 Society in a Global Age Wedam, Elfriede MWF 02:45PM 03:35PM
121-001 Social Problems Burr, William Th 06:00PM 08:30PM
122-001 Race and Ethnic Relations Paredes, Cristian TTh 01:00PM 02:15PM
122-002 Race and Ethnic Relations Butler, Joseph MWF 12:35PM 01:25PM
123-001 Mass Media&Populr Culture Tuttle, Steven TTh 02:30PM 03:45PM
123-002 Mass Media&Populr Culture Wright, Talmadge M 04:15PM 06:45PM
125-001 Chgo-Grwth of Metropolis Krogh, Marilyn MWF 11:30AM 12:20PM
145-001 Religion & Society Williams, Rhys TTh 11:30AM 12:45PM
171-001 Sociology of Sex and Gender Dougherty, Beth MWF 01:40PM 02:30PM
205-001 Sociological Thought Wright, Talmadge TTh 02:30PM 03:45PM
206-001 Princ Social Research Dagadu, Helena TTh 10:00AM 11:15AM
210-001 Men, Women and Work Dunn, Kathleen TTh 10:00AM 11:15AM
215-001 Law & Society Karanja, Ayana TTh 11:30AM 12:45PM
216-01E Sociology of Violence Wedam, Elfriede W 04:15PM 06:45PM
225-001 Sociology of Health Care Garbarski, Dana TTh 10:00AM 11:15AM
226-001 Sci, Tech & Society Moore, Kelly TTh 11:30AM 12:45PM
234-001 City, Suburbs & Beyond Rosenblatt, Peter MWF 11:30AM 12:20PM
236-001 Birth, Work, Marriage, Death Paredes, Cristian TTh 11:30AM 12:45PM
240-001 Families Dagadu, Helena TTh 02:30PM 03:45PM
250-001 Inequality in Society Baber, Ashley MWF 02:45PM 03:35PM
250-002 Inequality in Society Dunn, Kathleen TTh 01:00PM 02:15PM
252-001 Global Inequalities Jean-Baptiste, Stephanie T 04:15PM 06:45PM
255-001 Deviance & Socl Control Williams, Cameron TTh 04:15PM 05:30PM
265-001 Globalization & Society Martel Cohen, Elise TTh 01:00PM 02:15PM
280-001 Women in Film Culture Karanja, Ayana Th 04:15PM 06:45PM
280-002 Religion & Immigration Williams, Rhys TTh 02:30PM 03:45PM
280-003 Soclgy of Muslims in the West Tanriverdi, Serhan W 04:15PM 06:45PM
281-001 Current Issues in Med Ed Johnson, James W 07:00PM 08:00PM
301-001 Statistics for Soc Rsrch Garbarski, Dana TTh 01:00PM 02:15PM
335-01E Urban Semester Seminar George, Christine; Van Zyveld, David W 01:40PM 05:15PM
365-01W Social Theory&Socl Rsrch Krogh, Marilyn TTh 08:30AM 09:45AM
380-01E Internship Martel Cohen, Elise      
405-001 History Sociological Thou Langman, Lauren  T 07:00PM 09:30PM
410-001 Logic Sociological Inqry Rosenblatt, Peter  M 04:15PM 06:45PM
414-001 Stat Meth Analysis I Krogh, Marilyn W 04:15PM 06:45PM
494-001 Internship Moore, Kelly       
497-001 Independent Research Moore, Kelly      
499-001 Directed Study Moore, Kelly      
520-001 Contested Health Illnesses Figert, Anne Th 04:15PM 06:45PM
520-002 Sociology of the Body Moore, Kelly T 04:15PM 06:45PM
595-001 Thesis Supervision Moore, Kelly      
600-001 Dissertation Supervision Moore, Kelly       
605-001 Master's Study Moore, Kelly       
610-001 Doctoral Study Moore, Kelly