Loyola University Chicago

Department of Political Science

Honors in Political Science

Qualified political science majors may graduate with honors in political science. This program honors students who achieve academic excellence in their studies and who successfully complete additional training in a special topics research seminar (PLSC 395). This course is offered each spring and students may enroll in it in their junior or senior year. Students may apply for admission to the honors program in the first semester of their junior year. Admission requires a 3.5 GPA overall and in political science. Admitted students may register for PLSC 395 in the spring semester of their junior year provided they have successfully completed seven political science classes (21 credit hours). The Honors Seminar will not count toward the 33 credit hours required for a political science major or as one of the required subfield courses.

Honors Application

For more information about the Political Science Honors Program, please contact Professor Alan Gitelson at agitels@luc.edu. Students should apply for admission to the program as soon as possible and no later than November 1, 2013.

PLSC 395: Political Science Honors Seminar

Title: Representation


This course will consider foundational debates regarding the meaning of representation. We will use the models of representation discussed in these debates as frameworks for assessing the extent to which the American political system offers effective representation to the public. Many of the questions we address in this course will focus on the relationship between the public and policymakers. Do policy-makers respond to, shape, or ignore public opinion? How do citizens want the representation relationship to work? How do the practices of institutions and organizations ranging from mass media outlets to congress either facilitate or interfere with effective representation?

This class is available to students who have been admitted to the Political Science Honor’s Program and political science majors in the University Interdisciplinary Honor’s Program; registration is by permission only. See this link for more information.