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The Hartigan Lecture

 The Richard S. and Nancy K. Hartigan Loyola Lectures on Politics and Government is named in honor of the late Nancy and Dick Hartigan. Richard Hartigan was a professor of political science at Loyola from 1966 to 1991. As a teacher and scholar, he was noted for his many contributions to the discipline, including The Future Remembered: An Essay in Biopolitics, winner of the 1989 Alpha Sigma Nu National Book Award. Nancy Hartigan was Associate Dean and Director of Executive Programs at the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University from 1985 to 1994.

The lecture is given annually by an important scholar or political commentator. The lectures cover a broad range of topics and political perspectives.


Julia Azari, Marquette University

November 10, 2016: 7:00pm

McCormack Lounge / Coffey Hall / LSC 

Past Lectures

The 2006 Hartigan Lecture featured analysis of the 2006 Midterm Elections and the future of American politics by Thomas Mann, the W. Averell Harriman Chair and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution.

The 2005 Hartigan Lecture, "The Future of the Palestinian State," was presented by Professor Ghada Hashem Talhami. 

The 2004 Hartigan Lecture featured analysis of the 2004 Election by Professors Susan McManus and Laura Washington and CBS News Correspondent Bill Plante.

The 2002 Hartigan Lecture, "What Next? Reading the 2002 Election Tea Leaves," was presented by Candy Crowley, a senior political correspondent at CNN.

The 2001 Hartigan Lecture, "How United is America?", was presented by William Schneider, senior political analyst at CNN.

The 2000 Hartigan Lecture, "Election 2000: The Story Behind the Numbers," was presented by Kathleen Frankovic, Director of Surveys at CBS News.

The 1999 Hartigan Lecture, "When the Nazis Came to Skokie: Freedom for Speech We Hate," was presented by Dr. Philippa Strum, the Broeklundian Professor of Political Science at City University of New York-Brooklyn College.

The 1998 Hartigan Lecture, "The Death Penalty and the War on Crime: Justice or Vengeance?", was presented by Steven B. Bright, director of the Southern Center for Human Rights.

The 1997 Hartigan Lecture, "Forming Public Policy on Education," was presented by Senator Paul Simon.

The 1996 Hartigan Lecture, "Election 1996," was presented by Kenneth Janda, Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University.

The 1995 Hartigan Lecture, "Who Gets What from Government?", was presented by Benjamin Page, Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University.

The inaugural Hartigan Lecture, "Evolutionary Origins of Government and Politics," was presented by Professor Gary R. Johnson of Lake Superior State University in October 1994.

For further information about the lecture series please contact Professor Vincent Mahler in the Department of Political Science at Loyola University Chicago.