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The Art of Recycling: Catherine Cook School

April 16–June 2, 2013

The Art of Recycling featured work by students from Catherine Cook School, an independent preparatory school serving preschool through eighth grade in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood. The exhibition was organized into three parts—robots created by 2nd graders made from recycled paper, electronics, and plastic; cereal-box monsters by 3rd graders from recycled boxes, cans, bottles, and other found objects; and a bottle cap mosaic mural by the Middle School Art Club.

Guiding these talented students were two art teachers—Sandra Kane and Barbara Dawn. Ms. Kane teaches Senior Kindergarten through 2nd grade and has been in the classroom for fourteen years. Ms. Dawn, a sixteen-year veteran, teaches 3rd to 8th grades. Both educators inspire their students to creatively reuse found objects and recycled materials.

Under the leadership of Ms. Dawn and Ms. Kane, Catherine Cook’s art department is dedicated to guiding each student to find his or her individual voice. The school’s art education program strives to enhance the student’s individuality through creative thinking and problem solving and to instill in each student a sense of pride and confidence. By learning the basic elements of design (line, shape, value, texture, color and space), students are equipped with tools to create and interpret art. Creative self-expression is both validating and empowering and can permeate all areas of a student’s life.

Image: Hannah Maxcy (left) and Peter Comfort (right), 2nd grade