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Department of History

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Public History

581 Practicum in Public History

Practicums provide students with specific exposure to an aspect of the practice of public history. Practicums are undertaken either under the direct supervision of Loyola faculty or the joint supervision of a Loyola faculty member and a cooperating off-campus supervisor.

582 Public History Internship

The internship will provide an extended practical experience in the field of public history. Internships are tailored to fit the needs of the individual student and the needs of the off-campus agency involved. As part of their program, all public history students must undertake an internship either doing public history in the private sector or with a public agency. The internship is available during any semester and its timing is related to an individual student's progress in the program. The number of weeks it will last and hours per week entailed will vary from experience to experience, although it must run a minimum of six weeks. Upon successful completion of their internship, students will earn three hours of credit.


Directed Study/Research

499 Directed Study

This course provides students with the opportunity to work under the direction of a faculty member on a particular area of interest.

599 Directed Primary Research

In this course students work under the direction of an advisor on a specific research project and produce a Master's Essay in lieu of the seminar requirement.