Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts


Declaring a Major or Minor

‌Students who wish to major or minor in Dance should:

  1. Start at the Hub.
  2. Make an appointment with the Director of Dance, Sandra Kaufmann.
  3. The director will assign an advisor in the student’s area of study, create an appropriate schedule, and answer any questions the student may have. 

Academic Advisor / Faculty Advisor

All undergraduate students at Loyola are assigned one academic advisor.

  • If you are a freshman or sophomore, your advisor is in the Office of First and Second Year Advising.
  • If you are a junior or senior, Advising is handled by the Deans Office of the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • If you declare a Dance major, the Department will assign you a faculty advisor to advise on dance courses. 

Meeting with your Advisor

Majors and minors should consult their advisor regularly for assistance with meeting major and minor requirements, other general curricular advice, and career suggestions. Consulting with the advisor may be especially helpful in November and April when students register for the upcoming semesters. Advisors will also give information on auditions and performances.

To find out who your advisor is, log into LOCUS and look at the bottom right of the screen.   

If you believe you are a Dance major and do not see an advisor, please contact the Director of Dance, Sandra Kaufmann.


An audition is not required for dance class placement. Students should attend the Dance Placement Orientation at the beginning of the semester to determine the dance level that best meets the student’s skill level.

Studying Abroad

The Office for International Programs (OIP) offers over 100 programs in 55 countries with centers in Rome, Beijing and Vietnam. OIP is dedicated to making sure that all students have the opportunity to participate in a program. For more information, click here.