Loyola University Chicago

Department of Biology

Wei-Ming Yu


Assistant Professor
M.S., B.V.M 1998, National Taiwan University
Ph.D. 2007, The Rockefeller University
Postdoctoral Fellow 2015, Harvard Medical School
Phone: 773.508.3325
Email: wyu1@luc.edu
Website: weimingyulab


My lab is broadly interested in neural circuit development and how disease or injury affects circuit structure and function. Changes in auditory circuits often underlie hearing disorders, which are among the most common human sensory defects. In addition to its clinical relevance, the auditory system has developed highly specialized cell types and synapses in precise tonotopic circuits to transmit sound information quickly and accurately, making it an ideal system to study neural circuit development. Moreover, auditory sensitivity and perception can be assessed by well-established physiological tests, allowing us to correlate cellular or molecular perturbations to behavioral changes. My lab will use mouse genetics, genomics, imaging and physiological approaches to study how auditory circuits assemble, with an emphasis on identifying the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie the development of structurally and functionally unique auditory synapses.