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Brand and Graphic Standards

A strong, relevant brand connects us to our current and intended audiences. Being clear, consistent, and differentiated tells people who we are and what we stand for.  It means they know us when they see us. It impacts all of our metrics from applications and enrollment to retention and employer hiring to donor giving and alumni engagement to hiring and retaining the best faculty and staff.

A brand goes well beyond a product, service, logo, name or tagline.  It's the sum total of all of the images and feelings that someone holds about a particular company or particular product or family of products.  A brand is a promise we make to our current and prospective audiences and the larger marketplace. 

One of the traits of great brands is their employees tend to feel true ownership and passion for the company and the services they provide.  A consistent and identifiable brand that is understood and internalized within an organization is better understood by external audiences as well. It then becomes a rallying cry and a focal point to inform and inspire everyone connected to the brand.

Loyola University Chicago’s Brand and Graphic Standards provides a guide to everyone responsible for creating communication and marketing materials in their roles at the University.

To obtain a copy of the Brand and Graphic Standards, please contact Ross Zafar at wzafar@luc.edu or 312.915.6582.

Logo Downloads

Below are the approved university logos that you can easily download for presentations, print materials and other uses. Please note that these pages are accessible only within the Loyola network.

Click below to download logos for:

Official Logo

Click here to download the official logo.
Secondary Logo - Wordmark

Loyola University Chicago

Click here to download the Wordmark logo.
Secondary Logo - Horizontal

Loyola University Chicago

Click here to download the horizontal logo.

If you need a high resolution logo for printed materials or if you need assistance with other University approved templates, please contact Ross Zafar at wzafar@luc.edu or 312.915.6582.