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The Loyola Lockup

The lockup is the University’s most important identifying mark. It honors the rich Jesuit tradition, the University’s roots, and our promise for the future in a single graphic representation. The graphic element should be used only by schools, departments, faculty, and staff of Loyola University Chicago and its affiliates. It should not be used to identify student clubs and organizations, including intramural sports, fraternaties/sororities, and non-Loyola Athletics teams.

Each component refers to a significant event or tradition in Loyola’s history or in the history of Jesuit education.

The shield consists of several elements, each referring to a significant event or tradition in the history of the Loyola University Chicago. The symbolism is shared with the University seal. The shape itself—a shield—refers to the heraldic traditions of the great universities of Europe, where Jesuit education began. Note that although the logo has been modernized, the motto was not translated into English because Latin is a significant factor in the Jesuit educational tradition and reflects Loyola’s commitment to a core liberal arts education.

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