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Department of Sociology

Department Honors and Awards

1. Alpha Kappa Delta

Loyola's Sociology Department started a chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, (AKD) the National Sociology Honor Society, in 1928. Membership is open to students who are at least juniors, have an overall GPA of 3.4 and a 3.6 GPA in Sociology, and have completed five or more Sociology courses.

In early April the department will send a letter to eligible students, inviting them to join AKD. Students may accept or decline the invitation. Students who wish to join will be inducted into the society at the annual Sociology awards reception in late April. Graduating seniors receive a cord to wear with their academic apparel at the university graduation ceremony.

2013 Seniors Receiving Cords & New Initiates

2. Honors in Sociology or Sociology/Anthropology 

Students majoring in Sociology or Sociology/Anthropology can earn honors in the major. This option is available to students both in the College of Arts and Sciences Honors program and those who are not in that program, and may strengthen the academic background of students planning to go on to graduate or professional school.

Honors in the major are available to students who achieve a 3.4 grade point average overall and in their major and: either (1) write a satisfactory Honor's Thesis under the supervision of a faculty member in Sociology 365 or (2) take two graduate courses in the Sociology program (as electives toward their undergraduate major) and receive a grade of B or better. Permission to enroll in graduate courses must be obtained from the course instructor and the Graduate Program Director.

Interested students should complete this form and speak to the Undergraduate Program Director.

2013 Undergraduate Honors Recipients

3. Gallagher Award for Outstanding Sociology Senior

At the end of each academic year, the department awards the Gallagher Key to a graduating senior who has demonstrated the highest level of achievement in Sociology. The Gallagher Award is named for the first Chairperson of Loyola's Department of Sociology, Fr. Ralph A. Gallagher, S.J., who was chairperson from 1936-1963.

2013 Gallagher Award Recipients

4. Durkheim Award for Outstanding Sociology/Anthropology Senior

 At the end of the each academic year, the department awards the Durkheim Award to a graduating senior who has demonstrated the highest level of achievement in Sociology/Anthropology.  The award is named after Emile Durkheim, a founding figure in both disciplines of Sociology and Anthropology.

2013 Durkeim Award Recipient

5. Ross P. Scherer Award for Outstanding Sociology Junior 

At the end of each academic year, the department recognizes an outstanding junior who has demonstrated the highest level of achievement in Sociology. The award is named for  Ross P. Scherer, a former chair and longtime professor in Loyola's Department of Sociology. 

2013 Ross P. Scherer Award Recipients


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