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Department of Sociology

Five-Year BA/MA Program

This program provides specially selected Sociology majors with an opportunity to earn both a B.A. and M.A. degree in five years.

This is approximately one year less than normally required to earn both degrees. Graduates of this program will be well prepared to enter the labor force, a professional school or pursue a Ph.D.

To apply to the BA/MA program, a student:

Once admitted to the program, students may apply up to nine credit hours taken in their senior year toward the thirty graduate hours required by the department for the M.A. degree. These nine credit hours must include a minimum of two and up to three pre-approved courses at the 400 level or above. One course may be taken at either the 300 level. Students must achieve at least a 3.0 GPA in all their graduate course work and complete the required course sequence for one of the tracks in the M.A. program, either the regular M.A. track or the applied M.A. track. The tracks are summarized below.

Students interested in the five-year BA/MA program are invited to meet with the Graduate or Undergraduate Program Director for more information.





During the fifth year, students will take 7 graduate-level sociology courses (both elective and required)  x 3 hours = 21 hours out of 30 hours required for the MA degree.

General TrackApplied and Public Sociology Track
1) Socl 405 (History of Sociological Thought) 1) Socl 405 ((History of Sociological Thought)
2) Socl 406 (Modern Sociological Theory) 2) Socl 406 (Modern Sociological Theory)
3) Socl 410 (Logic of Sociological Inquiry) 3) Socl 410 (Logic of Sociological Inquiry)
4) Socl 412 (Qualitative Methods) 4) Socl 412 (Qualitative Methods)
5) Socl 414 (Quantitative Methods I) 5) Socl 414 (Quantitative Methods I)
6) Elective 6) Socl 494 (Internship)
7) Elective 7) Elective
8) Elective 8) Elective
9) Elective 9) Elective
10) Elective 10) Elective

+ Either thesis or portfolio

 Only one independent research/directed study course counted toward M.A.


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