Loyola University Chicago

Office of Registration and Records

Immunization Records

Students will not be permitted to register for classes if their records are not up to date.

The State of Illinois requires that students provide the university with evidence of immunity to measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus and diphtheria. Students are asked to safeguard the health of the Loyola community by providing evidence of their immunization or by being immunized.

Most students are properly immunized and simply have forgotten to send in their records. Documentation of immunization can often be found at high schools, doctor's offices, previously attended universities, or a valid childhood immunization certificate kept by parents. All records must show the month, day and year of immunization as well as a health-care provider's signature. If records cannot be found, students can be re-immunized. The Wellness Center will provide immunizations for a nominal fee while supplies are available, or students can receive their immunizations from their doctors.  

Loyola's Wellness Center has now introduced a new online process for students to provide their immunization information.

1. New process for entering immunizations. This information is taken directly from the Wellness Center page at http://www.luc.edu/wellness/tools/immunizations/

 Students should now use the new self-service immunization module, which allows you to:

  • Enter your personal immunization data into the LOCUS system
  • Print copies of your immunization records 

To access self- service entry click here. Instructions on using the LOCUS self-service module can be found here. Immunization records must also be submitted via fax (773-508-2505), mail, or in person to the Wellness Center. The Wellness Center DOES NOT accept scanned/emailed copies. The Immunization Form is available here, at the Wellness Centers, or at the Public Safety Information Desks. 

2. New address. The Wellness now has two locations where forms can be dropped off.

Lakeshore Campus

Granada Center
6439 N. Sheridan Rd., Suite 310
Chicago, IL 60626

Water Tower Campus

Terry Student Center
26 E. Pearson
Suite 250
Chicago, IL 60611

Fax: 773-508-2505

Students may be exempted from providing the immunization form for the following reasons:

  • They have been diagnosed as having a specific medical condition in which immunization is contraindicated. A written, signed and dated statement is required from a physician or health-care provider. Duration of the contraindication must be noted.
  • They have submitted in writing a signed and dated statement describing their objections based upon a religious tenet.
  • They have enrolled for less than half time per quarter or semester. The university defines less than halftime as those students who are enrolled for less than seven semester or quarter hours.
  • They were born prior to Jan. 1, 1957. Please submit written evidence of date of birth, such as copies of a birth certificate or driver's license.
  • They are enrolled solely for research, fieldwork and study outside the classroom.
  • They are receiving instruction where there is no direct physical interaction with others receiving similar instruction (such as distance learning).