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Map Matters

Map Matters

MAP is critical to students

Currently, 2,323 Loyola students receive a MAP Grant. Among all undergraduates, 21 percent have been awarded a MAP Grant this year. Collectively, these MAP awards represent $10.3 million in student financial aid.

Support for higher education, particularly MAP funding, is essential if Illinois is to meet its own workforce needs. By 2020, 70 percent of all jobs in Illinois will require a post-secondary education. Currently, however, only 42.5 percent of working age adults (age 25–64) in Illinois have at least a two-year degree (Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce).

The University is continuing to work to find funding sources, and we are reviewing operating budgets for savings as well as identifying new revenue sources. We remain hopeful the State will ultimately fund MAP, and that our alternative funding sources can help fill the current gap.

We encourage all Loyola students, regardless of financial needs, to engage with these advocacy efforts, as the student voice is imperative to these efforts.

Act. Share. Encourage.

December 2016: Send your legislator a holiday greeting

  • During the last week of classes, Ramblers will contact their state senator and representatives via e-mail, phone, or card with the following message: “All I want for [“the Holiday Season,” or “Christmas,” or “Hanukkah,” etc.] is a MAP Grant!”

If you have any questions about MAP or this advocacy effort, please contact govaffairs@luc.edu.