Loyola University Chicago

Department of Fine and Performing Arts


The Department of Theatre takes advantage of the best of a liberal arts education. Our students receive a strong foundation in all aspects of the art form: from theatre history, literature, and criticism to performance, design, and directing. Each of these areas are well supported by work in other disciplines, such as world history, sociology, philosophy, political science, ethics and theology, to name a few. Students can also pursue a double major or a minor in theatre if they wish. 

Our program is unique in that it does not require undergraduate students to wait to audition for our productions. The department gives students as many opportunities as possible to perform, design and direct in a healthy, instructional atmosphere.  We believe that a large part of our success as a department is the caring, individual attention and support that are given to each and every student.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the thriving theatre scene in Chicago. All of our faculty work professionally and often provide opportunities for students to participate as observers, interns, or participants. Students can receive course credit for participation in supervised professional work, as well as for internships with established theatres in the area. It is the combination of a strong education on campus and the chance to see and participate in a wide variety of theatrical performances in Chicago that makes our program unique.