Loyola University Chicago

Center for Urban Research and Learning

Graduate Fellows

Center Graduate Fellowships enable graduate students to participate in collaborative research projects with community-based organizations, social service agencies, health care providers, businesses, and government in Chicago's city and suburbs. Through their research and teaching projects, fellows are active participants in Loyola University Chicago's efforts to improve the quality of life for all members of the Chicago metropolitan community.

The Graduate Fellows are selected from a pool of applicants and matched to team projects based on skills and interest. The Fellows serve in a facilitation role for the projects and act as the link between Loyola faculty and undergraduates and community researchers to keep projects on track. Fellows are supported in part by funds from McCormick Tribune Foundation and individual projects.


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    Bill Byrnes

    Bill Byrnes is a doctoral student in the sociology department at Loyola University Chicago. His research interests include race and ethnicity, political sociology, neoliberalism, and poverty/inequality. His work at CURL focuses on program evaluation.
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    Jennifer Cossyleon

    Jennifer is a doctoral student in the sociology department at Loyola University Chicago. Her research interests include gender, urban poverty and inequality, and public policy. She completed her Master of Arts degree in 2012 at Loyola.
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    Stephen Gabourel

    Stephen is a master's student at Loyola University Chicago studying sociology. His research interests center on religion, its relationship to fundamentalism and authoritarian personalities, and the impact this has on individual beliefs and behaviors.
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    Catherine Gillis

    Catherine Gillis is a doctoral student in the sociology department at Loyola University Chicago. Catherine received her Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan, with a concentration in social policy and program evaluation.
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    Mary Rojek

    Mary is a doctoral student in sociology at Loyola University Chicago. She has an extensive background in women’s health; including, developing women’s health curricula for medical education, creating a multidisciplinary graduate concentration in women’s health, and training physicians about various women’s health issues.
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    Sean Young

    Sean is a PhD student in sociology at Loyola University Chicago. His interests are in the role community and informal institutions play in urban governance, particularly with respect to gentrification, neighborhood development and urban policy.