Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Provost

Provision for Extension of Probationary Period for Tenure

The new Faculty Handbook (2009) addresses Extensions of Probationary Period as follows:

The time when a faculty member will be considered for tenure may be extended by one year. A faculty member should submit a request for the extension of the probationary period for tenure to their departmental chairperson, or academic supervisor, and their dean for recommendation, no later than the beginning of the academic year following the onset of the circumstances that first trigger the need for an extension.  The dean shall then submit the request to the Senior Academic Officer and the University Rank and Tenure Committee for approval.  Normally, only one such request will be granted per person.  This policy is not meant to provide a leave of absence as described in Chapter 6 below.  It simply grants the faculty member a one-year extension in the tenure process.

In implementing this provision, the Office of the Provost is prepared to routinely approve requests made by a tenure-track faculty member who becomes the parent of a child (either by adoption or birth), or who has a serious health condition, or must care for a child, spouse, parent, or other person in a similar relationship who has a serious healthy condition. The term "serious healthy condition" means a chronic illness, injury, impairment, or physical or mental medical care facility, or continuing treatment by a health care provider, including home health care.

Any faculty member who believes he or she has a legitimate grounds for an extension which, however, does not fit the circumstances outlined above, is welcome to nonetheless submit the request.  However, approval of or the request is not assured.  The Provost will reach a decision based on the specific circumstances, after consultation with the Dean and the University Rank and Tenure Committee.