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Amy Krings, MSW, PhD

Title/s: Assistant Professor

Office #: Maguire Hall 530

Phone: 312.915.7015

E-mail: akrings@luc.edu

CV Link: Krings (Spring 2018)

Mission in Action

My research is about how members of marginalized communities come together, strategically and collaboratively, to advance social justice.  I have recently examined how residents in Chicago, Detroit, and Flint organized to advance environmental and educational justice.  My findings demonstrate that when local communities can access information and power, they can improve individual and community health – whether that means securing clean water and air or quality schools or safe, affordable housing.

 As an educator, I aim to support, guide, and mentor my students while they develop their capacity and confidence as social change agents. For many of my students, this is their first time thinking critically about how to promote structural solutions to systematic inequalities. I encourage them to interpret personal problems as political and to imagine community-driven solutions. It is my hope that my students will come to see that social work is, at its best, the practice of social justice.



Amy Krings earned her PhD in the Social Work and Political Science Joint Doctoral Program at the University of Michigan.  The purpose of her research agenda is to develop knowledge relating to the advancement of social justice through the leadership development and civic participation of marginalized groups. This agenda has manifested in two complementary lines of research. The first line focuses upon leadership development among young people, particularly their growth as social change agents. The second line is focused on the study of community-based organizations and their strategic campaigns to advance environmental and / or educational justice. Her goal is to disseminate knowledge that has the potential to inform policies that reduce systemic inequalities. Prior to entering her doctoral program, Dr. Krings worked for six years as a community organizer, grant-writer, and interim Executive Director at a Cincinnati non-profit where her responsibilities included the management of a community-based campaign to reduce street-level gun violence.

Research Interests

  • Civic engagement and political participation
  • Community organization
  • Environmental justice‚Äč
  • Social justice education‚Äč
  • Urban politics

Courses Taught

Graduate Courses

  • SOWK 509    Policies and Strategies of Community Intervention     
  • SOWK 507    Social Welfare and Social Work
  • SOWK 714    Philanthropy, Public Policy, and Community Change
  • SWFI 530S - Integrative Field Seminar