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  1. Housekeeping, Security, Shipping/Receiving personnel, students and employees that require access to restricted areas will be given a 30 minute training course in the operations in restricted areas and appropriate actions to be taken during normal operation and emergencies.

  2. Prospective Authorized Users shall receive a three hour training course covering the topics below. These topics may vary depending on applicability to the individual’s duties.
    In addition to this training, all Authorized Users must receive or have documentation of having received one week of on-the-job training in the handling of radioactive materials similar in nature to the materials with which they will be working. This can be fulfilled under the supervision of a current Authorized User.

  3. Users of radioactive material working under the supervision of an Authorized User will receive a one hour training course covering the principal topics listed below. At the completion of training, users will sign the provided Acceptance of Responsibility form.
    1. Fundamentals of Radiation Safety
      1. Characteristics of radiation
      2. Units of radiation dose and quantity of radioactivity
      3. Math and calculations basic to the use and measurement of radioactivity.
      4. Significance of radiation dose
        1. Radiation protection standards
        2. The ALARA principle
        3. Biological effects of radiation
      5. Levels of radiation from sources of radiation
      6. Methods of controlling radiation dose
        1. Working time
        2. Working distance
        3. Shielding
    2. Radiation Detection Instrumentation to be Used
      1. Use of radiation survey instruments
        1. Operation
        2. Calibration
        3. Limitations
      2. Survey Technique
      3. Use of personnel monitoring equipment
        1. Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dosimeter
        2. Thermoluminescent dosimeter (TLD) ring
    3. Safety Equipment To Be Used
      1. Remote Handling Equipment
      2. Fume Hoods
      3. Storage Containers
      4. Personnel protective equipment (i.e., gloves, lab coats, respirators)
    4. The Requirements of pertinent State Regulations
    5. Terms and Conditions of the License, Active Amendments, and any correspondence submitted in support of the license application.
    6. The Licensee’s Written Operating and Emergency Procedures
    7. Manufacturer’s Instruction Manuals for Sources/Devices (if applicable)
  4. New users will be trained in the specific protocols which require handling radioactive materials by the Authorized User or by fully trained supervisory lab personnel (not undergraduates). A Radiation Training Record must be maintained for every new user. After 1 hour of supervised training, personnel are allowed to handle exempt quantities of isotope. This includes up to 1 mCi 3H, 0.1 mCi 14C or 35S, 0.01 mCi (10 mCi) 32P, 1 mCi 125I. For handling greater quantities, 5 hours of recorded, supervised training by the Authorized User or other fully trained supervisory lab personnel are required. Under no circumstances are undergraduate students or non-Loyola affiliated personnel allowed to handle in excess of 10X exempt quantities of any radioactive isotope.

The appropriate training course shall be provided prior to work with radioactive material or regular access to restricted areas. Training shall be provided by RSO or an appointed delegate. Training of Authorized Users with previous training and experience that meets or exceeds B above may be waived at the RSO’s discretion. Successful completion of the training is documented on the “Radiation Safety Training Record‌ ” form.


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