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Top row, from the left: Amy Lenz, Executive Editor, Editor-at-Large; Eric Liu, Executive Editor, Research and Marketing; Matthew Wholey, Executive Editor, Student Articles; Austin Holler, Executive Editor, Conference Articles; Evan Johnson, Executive Editor, Illinois Articles; Jasmine Stanzick, Executive Editor, Conference Management Bottom row, from the left: William Sullivan, Executive Editor, Lead Articles; Alexandra Harrington, Editor-in-Chief; Dana Alfassa, Executive Editor, Publication; Mark Current, Managing Editor

The Loyola University Chicago Law Journal is the law school's primary scholarly publication that is distributed throughout the nation's law libraries, judges' chambers, and other various legal organizations. Published continuously since 1970, the Law Journal is committed both to the examination and analysis of current legal issues and problems and to the development of the law. The Law Journal is edited and managed entirely by students and publishes the work of distinguished writers, including academics, practitioners, and judges. The Law Journal also publishes student-written notes and comments.

Volume 49 of the Law Journal consists of four issues during the 2017-2018 academic year. The first issue contains articles addressing general legal topics. The second issue contains articles from the April 2017 Law Journal Conference titled "Moving Toward a ‘Global Super Court’?: Examining and Reshaping Investor-State Arbitration." The third issue contains articles from Loyola’s Annual Institute for Investor Protection Roundtable Conference, held in October 2017 and titled "Corporate Ethics and Compliance in an Era of Deregulation." The fourth issue contains articles addressing timely aspects of Illinois law, as well as general legal topics. 

The Law Journal is pleased to make available articles from Volume 49.  All citations are to 49 Loy. U. Chi. L.J. ___.