Loyola University Chicago

Forensic Science Program

Program Statistics

Class of 2016 Information

The graduation rate is 78%. Overall, the graduates rate the Program as very good, 4.00 out of 4.00 (1=Very Poor, 4=Very Good). They believe their educational experience was difficult/moderately difficult, 1.36 out of 4 (1=Difficult, 4=Easy).

Post-Graduate Information (all responding graduates)

The Program maintains contact with graduates through a number of different avenues. The majority of graduates maintain contact with the Program. The table below provides post-graduate and job information in various categories based on input from the graduates.


Total in Professional Schools: Medical School; Osteopathic School; PA in Pathology—21.8%

Total in Graduate Schools: MS or PhD—14.5%

Working in the Forensic Sciences—34.5%

Working in Science Related Areas—16.4%

Working in Related Criminal Justice Areas—1.8%

Working in Other Areas—10.9%