Loyola University Chicago

Center for Experiential Learning

Undergraduate Researcher Award

The Outstanding Loyola Undergraduate Research Award has been established to honor Loyola undergraduates who conduct exceptional research, articulate their research to others, and enhance Loyola’s reputation as a quality research university by integrating research into their academic learning experience.

Each year at the Undergraduate Research & Engagement Symposium, LUROP will grant multiple awards, and recipients will each receive $500. The awards will be selected based upon three factors: 1) a letter of nomination from the student’s mentor, 2) a research statement from the student reflecting on their research experience, and 3) the student’s submission to the symposium, either a poster or an oral presentation.


  • Any Loyola undergraduate who conducted research during the year since the previous symposium qualifies. A student does not need to be a LUROP Fellow to be considered.
  • Undergraduate researchers who wish to be considered must have conducted work under a mentor or supervisor, who will submit the initial nomination. 

Selection Process

  • Mentor nominations for 2017–2018 are due Sunday, March 25th. Please submit this 2018 Undergrad Research Nomination Form‌ to lurop@luc.edu.
  • Nominated students will be notified, and must submit a research statement by Wednesday, April 4th.
  • Finalists will be asked to submit either their research poster or the text and/or media components of their oral presentation for final consideration.