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Kimberly Ocampo

Kimberly Ocampo
Center for Urban Research and Learning Undergraduate Fellow (CURL)

Living in the south side of Chicago I was exposed to urban and social inequalities from an early age. As a future educator, I am passionate about working with low-income students throughout the city to provide them with the tools they need to achieve academic success. I was drawn to CURL as a result of my interest in education policy in order to advocate for my future students. My hope is that by the time I leave CURL I will have a better understanding of the many ways to provide tools for low-income families, both parents and students, to overcome the social inequalities they face. Although Chicago has diverse resources, its inequalities are evident in that not all neighborhoods have the same resources for their schools, thus making it extremely difficult for some students to succeed. As someone who is passionate about and advocates for social and political change to better these students' opportunity, I believe CURL will better prepare me to make social and political changes in this city that faces many issues.